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Aberdeen financial & energy project

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how it works

How it works

TLC is pleased to introduce to you the ‘Aberdeen Financial Resilience and Energy Project’, a partnership between TLC (who operate Aberdeen South Foodbank), the Kings Foundation (who operate Aberdeen North Foodbank) and Aberdeen Citizens Advice Bureau (Aberdeen CAB).


This project has been funded by the Trussell Trust & British Gas Energy Trust to support individuals and families who have found it necessary to use our food banks, providing professional financial and energy advice through trained and compassionate Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) advisors.

In addition to financial and energy advice, bureau advisors will also have access to other resources such as energy fuel vouchers and energy efficiency measures to support individuals to become more resilient, thus reducing their need to access food banks in the future.

An important aspect of this project is the availability of 'Volunteer Befrienders' who are there to accompany and support individuals to attend Aberdeen CAB appointments who would otherwise struggle to access this support on their own due to vulnerability. 


This service was launched in October 2022 and moves us closer to meeting our ambitious goal of making food banks a thing of the past.  


This is one tool to help us on that journey.

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