About TLC

About TLC

At TLC, our vision is to help care for our community. We believe in meeting the needs of people in poverty across Aberdeen, whether that be a lack of finances or living in isolation.


TLC, (in partnership with the Trussell Trust) holds food drives with local retailers as well as operating permanent food bins to raise food donations. We then provide food parcels and distribute the parcels amongst people in need with the help of local statutory, charitable or health bodies.


We have also taken care of community parks and spaces over the years by organising volunteers and materials to clean, maintain and change outdoor and indoor spaces. Sometimes a lick of paint goes a long way!


TLC is also working hard, alongside partners to combat loneliness and isolation, made worse by pandemic, with the re-establishing of our befriending scheme in April 2021.




About TLC


We take pastoral and community care seriously! We want to know about issues that affect our city. We will work closely with Local charities, agencies and community action groups to help make community spaces better and more accessible. In doing this we want to initiate a family and community atmosphere.


Through the hard work and fund-raising of our volunteers and community we will put all of our efforts back into Aberdeen.


"I was in an abusive relationship with a guy that caused my family to reject me. I had nowhere to go and ended up staying with this guy because there was nowhere else. I met one of the TLC workers in Union Square and started to meet everyday to sort out my circumstances. By this time I was in a Bed & Breakfast and classed as homeless. I had no address, so couldn't get a job to raise money; I couldn't get a place to stay because I didn't have a job. There really seemed no way out until I found TLC"