Win a Kindle Fire!


Team up or go it alone you decide.


An evening of fun and competition to test your general knowledge.


Heres the skinny!


Where: Riverside east amphitheatre

When:  02-10-2014

Time: 1845 - 2100

*No cash prize


No such thing as a free lunch?


Well now there is! We will be hosting a lunch buffet to help you get to know your local community and discover whats on your doorstep. You can also find out how you can volunteer and get involved with local services and projects in your area.


We will be having a buffet on the 28th of october and then the next 3 consecutive sundays at the Inchgarth Community Centre from 2 till 4.


Heres the skinny!


Where: Inchgarth Community Centre

When:  28-09-2014

Time: 1400-1600 (2-4)

Price: Free!!!!!