Foodbank. Caring for our community.


John van Hengel started the worlds first food bank in 1967 with a $3000 investment from his local church St. Mary's in Arizona. He is famously quoted as saying “we will always have the poor among us. But why the hungry?” In the early eighties the United states government gave him a grant of $50,000 dollars to set up a further 18 food banks across America. Now the practice has moved over to the UK to meet the real need to help feed people in food poverty.

Aberdeen South Foodbank (January 2021).j
Donation drives

Donation drives are usually carried out in local supermarkets and retail shops that agree to help us raise donations and or funding to make the Aberdeen South Foodbank (operated by TLC) run effectively. You can find out when the next Aberdeen South Foodbank (operated by TLC) donation drive is Here


The standard procedure is to hand out shopping lists and encourage people to purchase extra items of food and donate them to us, so we can distribute the items as food parcels to people who are in crisis. We aim to make the best use of all donations no matter how big or small. Details of a shopping list can be found here


Food parcels are made up of three days of non-perishable foodstuffs. That contains enough proteins and carbohydrates to help a person's immediate food needs.


We can make up food parcels to suit most people's dietary requirements. We also vary a food parcel for families, single people and for people with little or no cooking facilities or skill.

Food parcels

All food parcels are made up to contain three days of emergency food to help people out of short-term crisis. However, some allowances are made for ongoing care and support. A food parcel typically contains non-perishable food stuff that will be a source of protein and carbohydrates to help manage the parcel recipient's basic food needs.


We can offer some seasonal alternatives to food parcels as well as giving out soaps and deodorants depending on supply however stock is not guaranteed and these items will be treated as an extra depending on availability. Food parcels can be made up depending on an individual's dietary needs I,e for nut allergies, Wheat intolerance, Vegetarian. We can also tailor food parcels depending on the recipients cooking facilities. Some service users do not have basic cooking facilities or have poor knowledge of how to cook efficiently or properly.


Aberdeen South Foodbank (operated by TLC) works closely with local agencies to help people in crisis across the south of Aberdeen. The foodbank operates on a referral basis where a food bank referral voucher is issued to people who are in crisis or an immediate food provision issue.

We usually hold regular distribution days at centres across Aberdeen to help distribute food parcels and care to those in need, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are operating a delivery model only.

Distribution centres are an informal relaxed environment where people can pop in and have a chat about their situation and receive the care they need with a cuppa and a friendly chat.